Saturday, July 31, 2010

movie stars

Our mate Gus from Lettuce has been busy with his new toy. Look at this fantastic film he managed to cobble together in just a couple of hours today. A gorgeous little taster of our screenprinting classes featuring all of the lovely ladies from our most recent Design and Screen Print Your own Fabric class. The tail end of the movie is some late night footage Gus took of us printing our bubble tea towels before our stall at the Melbourne Design Market a few weeks ago.

Thank you to all of the movie stars - it was such a pleasure to have you all printing your masterpieces in the studio today. We will post pics in the next couple of days of the great repeat patterns you all came up.

Oh and thanks to The Waifs for the lovely track "Feeling Sentimental" accompanying the clip - it works so well with the images.


  1. that is totally awesome!
    gorgeous soundtrack, beautifully edited
    except for the bits with me in them of course
    ha ha ha
    xx beck

  2. Totally brill!!!!!!! Loved it so much.

  3. Beautiful. Looks like a great day. Didn't think I liked The Waifs!


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