Thursday, July 1, 2010

our little army

Check out all of our little softies lined up and ready to get sent out for some orders to our lovely retailers.
They look so cool en masse - don't you think?
These little friends have really become a part of our lives and have been very popular with you guys so we have decided to make them into DIY kits.

We are working on setting them out with clear instructions and are printing our very own fabric so you can emulate our little creatures all by yourself in the comfort of your own sweet home.

Stay tuned for the launch of a whole range of kits including softies, kids costumes and sweet little dresses all using Harvest Textiles yardage - watch this space.


  1. I love these softies - they're so cute! I think the chickens are my favourites.

    I think selling them as DIY kits is a great idea, too!

  2. I love the doggies - SO cute! Also ace fabrics!

  3. The DIY kits are a great idea!

    I LOVE the birdies. :D


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