Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Having been so preoccupied in making our goodies over the past month or so and then trotting off to market we suddenly realised we needed to photograph everything in order to post it on our blog, pop it on our online shop and send out product lists to all of our lovely new stockists.
So we have spent the past couple of days photographing our lovely bits and pieces and we thought a teeny little peekabo was in order to keep all of you lovely people in the loop until we manage to fill all of those obligations listed above. We had fun digging around the garden and so did our kidlets.
Stay tuned!
Em xoxo


  1. Gorgeous! Now I'm guessing no 1 child is Emma's and no 2 child is Lara's? No?

  2. Yes no 1 child is mine, and no 2 child is Lara's, but there is a no 3 child next to no 2 who is also mine! No 2 and no 3 were in very similar clothing that day. Kiddies everywhere! Em xo

  3. ooh everything looks so beautiful xoxo

  4. lovely things I want to eat them.


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