Sunday, August 29, 2010

a cheeky link

We haven't quite managed to post any pics of last week's Design and Screen Print your own Fabric class. (We'll get there soon we promise.)
So we thought it would be ok if we just cheated and popped on a cheeky link to one of the class member's blogs and used a couple of her lovely images so you can have a peak at the great results.
Go visit Kas Hall where you will find more lovely photos of the class and while you are there be sure to check out made 'n' found a site that Kas runs to promote handmade art & craft in Australia. Thanks for the images Kas.

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  1. I should pay more attention to what's happening around me as I only just saw this! Thanks kids!! I had such a great day - so much I am looking at doing a Masters in printmaking!! You inspired me Lara, as did the other girls in our class.....I am hooked!


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