Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just a quick post to let you know that all of our class dates until the end of the year are up on our website!

We are running one of our design & screenprint your own fabric classes over the weekend of September 25 & 26 - a perfect crafty weekend!
Especially for you guys who live far away and were thinking of making the trek to Melbs to come and visit us!

We have also added some new classes on the weekend of December 4 & 5- print your own teatowels & print and make your own xmas softie decorations - I am so excited about these classes, what an awesome solution to your Christmas pressie crisis huh?

xxxx Jess

p.s. You've got until 8pm tonight to enter our teatowel giveaway! xx

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  1. oh man so tempting to join the Christmas class...! I am in the process of handing out rewards for great blogs and I am giving one to you!

    ~ Samone


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