Wednesday, August 25, 2010

versatile blogger

Samone from Red Letter Studio nominated us for the versatile blogger awards.
Cheers! Hoots! Clapping!

In response to this lovely overture we need to share 7 things about Harvest Textiles:
  1. Harvest Textiles is based in Melbourne, Australia and is made up of three lovely ladies - Jess, Lara and Em. None of us are originally from Melbourne. Jess grew up in Adelaide, Lara grew up in Fremantle and Em grew up in Sydney.
  2. We sublet our studio with Teegs and Lara C - the Ink & Spindle girls. They work Monday to Friday 9 - 5 and so we are the little night owls and weekend bunnies who make use of the fantastic space in what would otherwise be the studio's downtime.
  3. All three of us are mumma's. Jess has a little boy called Milo who is about to turn 3. Lara has a little boy Frankie who is 18 months old and Em has a girl and a boy - Arkie who is 5 and a half and Ziggy who is 2. They are our Harvest Textiles in-house models.
  4. Lara knows a whole lot about squid fishing. Go figure!?!?!?
  5. Em just spent the weekend with her family at the Walhalla Coach House and went toboganning at Mount Saint Guinere. It was great fun!
  6. We think the folks at Loafer Bread make the best croissants in melbourne.
  7. We just got into the first melbourne Finders Keepers market 9th & 10th October. Woo Hoo! See you there.
Now to share 15 blogs that we like:

* Resurrection Fern: check out this lovely post about a recent natural dyeing session.

* Love and Thrift: Clara Vuletich is a UK-based Australian textile designer who focusses all of her time and energy on sustainability in textiles and fashion. Stay tuned in the coming weeks when we will be announcing a seminar and workshop hosted by Clara with Harvest Textiles. Also check out her website.

* karen barbe: a chilean weaver who has a lovely style.

* make it digital: Mel Bowles is the co author of a fantastic book called "Digital Textile Design" which we are being inspired by right this minute.

*greg hatton: we love leila and greg and all of their lovely projects especially greg's furniture and leila's teepees.

*happiness etc: Luci loves paper cutting, scanning and painting, a little imperfection, a sunny day and a perfect coffee.

* hand-made-love: the lovely dawn tan who we have spoken about before but we really like her work and her blog.

*cake with giants: a lovely local melbourne artist, Amy. This one appealed to me as there has been so much rain here lately and I am loving it!
*sensing owls: the photographs from this 17 year old brisbanite will blow your mind.

*purl bee: these guys always have interesting crafty know how tidbits to impart.

*swim two birds: if only we had the time to create such fine works as swim two birds. Luckily she does and is happy to share her pieces with the blogosphere.

*fine little day: how great is this wallpaper designed by 8 year old Otto?

*Stephanie Says: how cool is this papercut that stephanie did for her parent's wedding anniversary? and check out her new owl it!

*lumetta - gorgeous photographs to inspire. "I love snow and silence, old and worn out things. Things not completed. Simple lifestyle. "

*mieke williams: always lovely bits and pieces to see here
Phew! That was a big post.
Em x

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  1. they are big posts but totally worth it - loved reading about you girls and have now got some beautiful new blogs to read! yippeee!!

    so looking forward to the workshop in December I absolutely can't wait! I have the hots for teatowels at the moment so I cant wait to create my own weeee!! have a nice weekend ladies!

    ~ Samone x


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