Wednesday, September 22, 2010

upcycling textiles talk

If you are at all interested in the impact our textiles industry has on our environment and how you can begin to make a difference by creating beautiful, upcycled textile products then you may want to head down to our new digs in Brunswick East to hear Clara Vuletich talk on Thursday 14th October.
Clara is a very informed, inspiring and talented Australian textile designer who is based in the UK. She spends much of her time researching and developing ways that the textiles industry can become more viable by working at Textiles Environment Design Project, Chelsea College of Art & Design, London.

Most current textile recycling is limited to either recutting or re-stitching, creating a patch-worked aesthetic, or heavy industrial processes that re-make the material at a fibre stage.
How can textile designers push the boundaries and create beautiful, upcycled products that are more beautiful and valuable in their second incarnation?
Clara participated in Becky Earley's project Ever & Again: Rethinking Recycled Textiles.
She will discuss this project and the impact it has had on her practice as a designer.
Visit Clara's blog Love and Thrift and see the collective of fantastic textile artists that she belongs to - Bricolage Project.

The talk is only $15, runs from 7pm - 9pm and includes light refreshments.
The bonus is that you can have a peak at Harvest Textiles' new home. Come and join us.

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  1. Sadly I will miss this as I'll be on a plane to Japan. Can't wait to catch you all at the new studio though.


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