Sunday, January 16, 2011

ex-student profile - indie ladan

We had a number of lovely ex-students launch or promote new brands at the Harvest Xmas Market.
This was very exciting to see so I thought over the next few days I will share with you a series of profiles on ex-students who participated in the market - kicking it off with the talented Indie Ladan who launched her label UNIT there. Indie came to one of the earliest Harvest Textiles workshops where she and her friend Edith spent the whole weekend printing in flouro.....remember that?
Indie has worked for years as a trained graphic designer so when she first came along to a Design and Print Your Own Fabric Class she had various design skills and ideas that she put to use.
A few months afterwards she quit her job and came along to our Advanced class to work on her new label UNIT.
Check out this interview with Indie to hear more about her exciting new hand printed t-shirts.
Tell us about your brand UNIT and what inspired these designs?
UNIT is very much inspired by versatility, practicality and individuality. It is a design project that simply celebrates and explores the fun and beauty of graphics, colours and forms. The 'lightbulb' moment happened in late 2009 when one night I was cutting my old t-shirt sleeves to turn them to something else – just because I was too lazy to walk down to
Salvos to donate them :) After chopping some more t-shirts I realised that a piece of clothing can be multi-functional by altering, combining or turning it up-side-down-inside-out. And I think it's only logical and savvy where UNIT products can encourage people to explore and enjoy how a few pieces can be uniquely multi-functional for them.
What made you decide to make the plunge and work on UNIT full time?
When I'm excited and passionate about one good project, I can't help to be giddy and make it happen right away. Plus since I attended one of Harvest Textile's classes I found myself having a lot of fun thinking about the myriad design possibilities for Unit as well as screen-printing.
So I thought … Why not?
What are your plans for UNIT in 2011?
If everything goes to plan, in early 2011, Unit will launch more clothing forms and prints to be included in its new website …. yaaay !!! I'm also excited to see what people can get out of the UNIT range and share UNIT as a project with more people :)
What inspires you at the moment?
I'm currently reading
Draping: Art and Crafmanship in Fashion Design by Annette Duburg and Rixt Van deer Told. It is a beautiful book about pattern-making and clothing forms.
And I'm enjoying Charley Harper's illustrations, Eley Kishimoto's collections 2010-2011 and Origami.
Thanks for talking to us Indie...we are so excited to see your designs coming to life and congratulations on such a brilliant range!
To check out more of UNIT go to


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