Monday, February 21, 2011

march is dawning

Did you know that during the month of March at Harvest Workroom we are hosting the very talented and very likeable Dawn Tan as an artist in resident?
If you haven't heard of Dawn we will give you a quick overview.
She is responsible for some of the beautiful watercolour illustrations that you may have seen in Frankie magazine and Harvest Magazine; she has a great fondness for food (both for the preparation and the consumption of) and has visually documented many of her meals and favourite recipes in her iconic illustrative style; she is also fascinated by packaging and apart from regularly illustrating various packaging, last year she went one step further and created life size wearable soft sculpture versions of food packaging that really were the ultimate in all things wacky. She keeps a regular blog and has a breezy, heart-on-her-sleeve writing style that is really very endearing and engaging. In short we here at Harvest Workroom have a bit of a crush on Dawn Tan. We've noticed that Lucy at the Design Files is also smitten with Dawn and has done a couple of interviews with her (in 2009 and 2010) and had her feature as a guest blogger in September last year.
So where was I? Oh yes - Dawn will be our artist in residence for the whole month of March and we are super excited as it means we get to be inspired by her beautiful illustrations, watercolours, photographs and soft sculptures plus Harvest Textiles & Dawn will conjure up a collaborative project involving her amazingness and our screen printing talents. To say we are pumped would be an understatement.
Dawn also has plans to have a pop up shop, an exhibition and a talk - so stay tuned to keep up to date with events as the month unfolds. See her blog entry about the residency here.
The other awesome part of having her around is that she will be taking workshops - Little Artists with Dawn Tan for 4-7 year olds (I wish I was a kid all over again just so I could go to this as it is an adult free zone - my daughter is all signed up the lucky duck!) and Watercolour Painting with Dawn Tan for adults and teenagers.
We launched the Watercolour Painting workshop today and we know many of you will be keen to jump aboard as Dawn will be imparting her knowledge of watercolours and demonstrating how she illustrates for her "packaging style" and her "recipe drawing style" over 3 evening sessions. As a student of Dawn you will illustrate and paint your own packaging and your own favourite recipes. Don't be shy as Dawn promises that no previous experience with painting or drawing is necessary. Check out her blog entry on the class. If you are keen to join the workshop keep in mind that the first class starts on March 3 and places are limited. Book here.
Em x
PS. All images courtesy of Dawn.


  1. oh bummer I'm going overseas... would've loved this...

  2. .... I totally LOVE her work!!! Bugger I'm in Sydney... wish I was there.. don't mind me just turning a slight pale shade of green... sigh... :)


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