Monday, February 7, 2011

tea towels, parties, anything

Jess spent the morning printing tea towels, pillow slips, napkins and placemats...

They are simple designs and are a good example of what people who book a group for a printing party at Harvest Workroom might hope to achieve in between spending time with good mates, giggling and eating yummy food (prepared lovingly by our legendary culinary neighbours Each Peach).

The parties are a feature of our new space that we launched just last week and we are excited by all the possibilities....hen's parties, shower teas, birthday parties, "just because" parties...any excuse really!

We had a quick photo shoot of the tea towels in the cosy kitchen corner of our studio and they turned out looking pretty fresh and appealing - nice one Jess. They also look very do-able in the several hours the party goers would come together to eat, drink and if they get around to it - print. (Yes we did do a bit of styling, moved the red tea pot and the pot plant around to provide a bit of colour and movement! We couldn't help ourselves....)

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