Friday, June 17, 2011

makeUp artist profile #1: maryann talia pau

Maryann Talia Pau - studio visit Maryann Talia Pau - studio visit Maryann Talia Pau - studio visit Maryann Talia Pau - studio visit
Looking ahead to the month of July we will be hosting an exciting suite of workshops called makeUp based around the concept of upcycling and reusing. This event is presented in conjunction with The State of Design Festival 2011.
We have invited some of Melbourne's most resourceful designers who use upcycling to enrich the story of their products to host workshops at Harvest Workroom during this time.
Workshops include Harvest Textile's Upcycling Vintage Wallpaper, Greg Hatton’s Make Your Own Willow Chair, Leila Sanderson’s Make A Mini Teepee, Maryann Talia Pau’s Weaving With Fabric, Betty Jo’s Make "Glaminex" Brooches.
Maryann Talia Pau - studio visit Maryann Talia Pau - studio visit Over the coming weeks we will feature interviews with all of these marvellous makers and to kick the whole thing off is an insight into the work of Maryann Talia Pau. 
Maryann's work focuses on body adornment using materials and craft techniques from Samoa and across the Pacific. Her other passions include weaving, siapo (Samoan bark cloth) and textiles. You may have seen some of her spectacular body adornment pieces at the Social Studio website.
For her workshop at makeUp Maryann will use handprinted fabric offcuts from Harvest Textiles products to teach people basic weaving techniques that can be found across the Pacific Islands and Indigenous Australia.
Here you will find some beautiful pictures of some sample pieces that Maryann has made using our fabric and a short but sweet interview with the lovely Maryann.
Tell us about what you make and how you got started. I am an artist and a weaver. My work in body adornment/dress references Pacific Island craft and culture. I wanted to wear jewellery that connected me with my ancestors and my community so I made my own, beginning with materials passed down from my mother and aunties. I now make and design pieces that incorporate new materials and craft techniques with ones from the Pacific.
What/who inspired your designs? I find inspiration in the materials that our mobs use from the land and sea. I am also fascinated and passionate about the making processes which reveal really simple yet complex dynamics that are vital for a strong and thriving community. This is why I love weaving and bark cloth. To produce a fine mat (highly prestigious in Samoa) or a quality bark cloth takes months, years and requires the participation of many women. Can you imagine the mischief they get up to over their time together!! Never mess with a woman who's got her weave on or is beating the bark of a mulberry tree into a cloth!! Love it!! Things like love and grace inspire me too.
What is coming up for you in 2011? I'm releasing and launching my new enterprise, Haus of Savvy Savage, as my studio through Craft Victoria for the State of Design Festival in July. The Haus is where my current label and work Mana Couture will sit under. It's also where our (hubby and I) tshirt label, Tee-Shout!™ will be designed which also launches in early July. Very excited about The Haus!! We're also going to do a few weaving workshops for Craft Cubed in August. So stay tuned for a Haus Party popping up soon! 
Thanks is so great to see our fabric offcuts being repurposed into something so colourful and vibrant. They certainly look one thousand times more beautiful as woven pieces than sitting in a cardboard box under our desk! 
We are looking forward to the workshop on July 24 and for those who can't make it to makeUp Maryann will be hosting a two day weaving workshop in October at Harvest Workroom.
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  1. This looks great! Right up my alley with the recycled material!

  2. This basket is a beautiful piece of work! Would not mind to have this on my table! Going to read more about this designer. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I wouldn't mind having this on my table either! Lovely work and lovely website.


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