Monday, August 22, 2011

tangled journeys

Popcraft Yarn Bombing
Just over a week to go for Pop Craft's popup store at Harvest Workroom in 2011.
The pompom message "yarn bombed" outside the front door this morning says it all really. We LOVE Pop Craft and will be very sad to say goodbye.
Luckily Pauline Tran-Cecil from Pop Craft has organised one more great event before she heads off into springtime...see the interview with Pauline below for more info on Tangled Journeys - presented in conjunction with Treadlie Magazine, The Squeaky Wheel and Harvest Workroom.
What is Tangled Journeys? Tangled Journeys is a day celebrating the art of decorating your ride with yarn/textiles. Whether it is practical pieces, like skirt guards, saddle covers, maybe even handlebar bags, tassles, pom poms, tube covers. It could even be items to wear! There will be examples to see, a kick-start with a crochet expert setting people off on their first project, patterns, yarn and to keep tummies from growling Raff's famous Taco Truck.
How did it come about? Faith Hunter - editor of Treadlie Magazine - came into Pop Craft to procure some yarn for one of her projects for bike riding. She proceeded to tell me about crocheted skirt guards and other knitted bike accessories. It was from that point that Tangled Journeys was conceived.
Tangled Journeys Ear Muffs for Popcraft
What should people expect to find when they come along on the day? Numerous bike nerds and textile aficionados - what an explosive combination! Cool DIY projects, yarns and delicious tacos.
Who will be displaying work? Pop Craft will have a range of yarns used for the projects. Amy from Wovenspoke will have some of her reflective scarves. Angelina from CultureCycle will show her products via CycleStyle so there will be reflective arm warmers, trouser cuffs, snoods and beanies. Some very impressive skirt guards will also be on display. Harvest Textiles will be presenting a prototype sun cover for their Christiana bike.
Isobel Knowles - the animation genius - will also be screening her series of animated bikes incidents.
Anything else to add? Come along and join in the fun as this will be the last Pop Craft event for 2011.

Thanks Pauline. Looking forward to the event.
Harvest Workroom, 512 Lygon Street, East Brunswick   10am - 4pm  Sunday 28th August
Em x

PS - Check out another interview about Tangled Journeys at The Squeaky Wheel.

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  1. This is amazing! As a huge bike (and pom pom) enthusiast, this excites me very much!


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